In the next weeks we pivot into a new way of being a church and becoming a “hybrid” church community. Some of us will be gathering in person, many of us will continue to join us on stream live from all over the country. 
Each week in our summer worship series we’ll be exploring what “open” means as we look back at where we have come and forward to what the Spirit is calling us to be. Grateful to our Congregation Leaders, Tom Lenhart and Eileen Sypher who will be leading us in worship in-person and on-line in this season of discovery and new beginnings!
June 6 | Second Sunday After Pentecost | Holy Communion
Tom Lenhart will lead worship today with a focus on Reconciliation. Today is communion Sunday. Whether at church or on-line we invite you to share some bread and juice today. For those attending in person we’ll provide pre-packaged chalices with juice and gluten-free bread to share. 
June 13 | Third Sunday After Pentecost | Laity Sunday
On Laity Sunday we’ll be hearing from each other about what challenged us this year, how it changed us, and practices we want to keep. 
June 20 | Fourth Sunday After Pentecost | Father's Day
Juneteenth is a celebration marking the emancipation of those who have been enslaved in the United States. We’ll look back at this anniversary and forward to where our work for Racial Justice is calling us today.
June 27 | Fifth Sunday After Pentecost | Open and Affirming Sunday
Today we celebrate Pride Sunday and the difference our church’s Open and Affirming welcome makes to who the church is and who we are becoming.
July 4 | Sixth Sunday After Pentecost | Independence Day
Eileen Sypher will be leading worship today and invite us to consider what it means to follow the call of “Abundant Life” for all. 
July 11 | Seventh Sunday After Pentecost
Tom Lenhart will be preaching.
July 18 | Eighth Sunday After Pentecost | Jazz Sunday
Jazz Sunday in Barrett’s Park! Invite your neighbors, friends, family to join us for a worship service that will celebrate our diversity as people of many faith traditions or no tradition coming together in wonder and celebration of the gifts of all the ways we might connect more meaningfully with one another.