Eastertide Worship Schedule

Growing from Dormancy to Vibrancy

In many of the resurrection stories, Jesus appears to the disciples in closed rooms which is so appropriate to remember during this season of physical isolation.

Holy Communion

John 21:1-14

Sun., May 3, 2020 at 10 AM

The miraculous catch of fish. Out on the boat the disciples are catching nothing off one side of the boat – Jesus tells them to cast their nets on the other side. 

Mother's Day

John 21: 15 -17

Sun., May 10 , 2020 at 10 AM with Rev. Kenneth Bradsell

Jesus tells Peter to love his sheep, feed his sheep.To whom are we called to care?

Children's Sunday

John 1:1-5, 11-18

Sun., May 17, 2020 at 10 AM

We are made Children of God not because of what we do but just because of who we are. 

Memorial Day

John 1:14

Sun., May 24, 2020 at 10 AM

We gather to honor and remember our veterans and reflect on what they can teach us about service in times of crisis. 


Acts 2: 1-4

Sun., May 31, 2020 at 10 AM

Once again gathered in a closed room, the Spirit moves in fire and wind empowering and sending forth the disciples into the world. 


Office Hours

Monday-Friday 8 AM-4 PM

Pastor: Rev. Peter Ilgenfritz
Administrator: Heather Lorrain
Bookkeeper:  Kathleen Humphrey
Sunday School Director: Magen Chryplewicz

Junior Youth Ministry Coordinators:

Lindsey Fergola & Amanda Cotier

Senior Youth Ministry Coordinators:

Anna Adams & Tory Paxson
Minister of Music: Genie O'Connell 




125 Townsend Avenue

P.O. Box 468

Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538




Church Cancellation Policy

It is rare that worship is cancelled due to inclement weather. If you are nervous about driving on snowy or icy roads, it is probably best to stay home and stream the service. If worship is cancelled or postponed, a message will be placed on the church answering machine (207-633-4757) and we will attempt to post cancellations on Channel 6 (WCSH)

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