"This is ME"

Sharing the Stories that Make Us Who We Are

Our lives are made of little stories that together become the story of who we are today.

What’s a story that has made you, you? It might be a story from this year. It might be a story from many years ago. It might be one of those stories you tell your grandkids all the time because its that important. It might be a story you haven’t shared with hardly anyone because it’s that precious. Whatever it is, it’s a story that if this hadn’t happened, you wouldn’t be you.  
This Lent we are going to be listening to and sharing stories to help us get to know one another better and strengthens our connections. We’ll compile the stories into a Lenten Booklet to share and have the chance to share some of our stories on Sunday morning as well. 
Send your story of up to 500 words to Heather at by January 29. End your story with the line, “This is me.” 
If you’d like to just tell your story and have someone write it up for you, let us know and we’ll help put your story to paper. 
Most importantly, we want to hear your story!