Please hold the following people up in prayer


Ken & Cindy Chances

Ellen Memory

Faith Meyer

Jameson Brooks

Doreen Dun

John Ogden

April Shepard

Sandy Leonard


Henry Wyatt & Margi Spratt

Ted Repa

Jim Knipe

Charlie Pickard

Ken Bradsell

Mahmood Rahimy

Justin Brooks

DanaBeth Wells-Goodwin

Jack Bauman and Barbara

BBH students

Brad Watson's family

Jane Hurd

Sandra Leonard's mother-in-law, Barbara

Jim Kiggans

Elizabeth Corbett

Audie Howe

If you would like to make a request to add someone to the prayer list please contact the church office at You may choose to have your request public or private. Public requests are listed here and announced during Sunday worship. Private requests are shared only with those in a Prayer Chain ministry that have taken a vow of confidentiality.