Zoom Congregational Meeting July 26

Dear Members and Friends, We hope you are well this day and sending you a few updates this week.  The Transition Committee thanks those who have already completed the Church Survey and looks forward to receiving all of your responses by July 26. (If you haven't received one, please contact Heather at After the results are reviewed, we will be inviting you to join a small group follow-up discussion. If you are in a cluster group, you will be hearing from your captain about scheduling a meeting. If you are not in a cluster group, you will be invited by the committee to participate in a group discussion. We look forward to hearing more of your thoughts as we develop our Church Profile. This document will be an essential tool in selecting a settled pastor, and we need everyone's input! Thank you for taking part!  We will have a Congregational Meeting on Sunday, July 26 right after worship at 11:00 am via ZOOM. As part of the renewal of our tax exempt status with the State of Maine we need to amend our Articles of Incorporation with a standard “dissolution clause” that governs the distribution of Church assets in the event the Church closes down. We will need to have a quorum to vote, so please join us! You may join the meeting by clicking on the "Join Meeting Here" button below and you may view the Warrant by clicking on the "Warrant" button below. Right after the meeting we will have a chance to go on an on-line “pilgrimage” with guest preacher, Aram Mitchell, Executive Director of Renewal in the Wilderness. Bring your cup of coffee or juice and join us! 

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Thank you to all of our Faithful Givers! Your financial gifts make a big difference in helping us navigate these challenging times and connect with you and the community in new ways. If you need to make an adjustment to your pledge, or can help provide some additional support, contact Treasurer, Jeff Long ( or Bookkeeper, Kathleen Humphrey (

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Join the Road Rally Fun! Pick up your packet at the back door of the church and discover things about our region you never knew! Thanks to Marion Coleman and Lee Corbin for organizing the latest of our church “experiments” to reach out to the community. Do invite your neighbors, friends, and families to take part!    

Do let us know how we can be there for you and know we keep you and our community in our hearts and prayers!

Peter Ilgenfritz, Interim Pastor (206-484-9814)

Ella Long, Head Deacon

Sandra Leonard, Senior Trustee

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