Safe Passage, Guatemala

This week in the "Your Generosity at Work" series we highlight Safe Passage in Guatemala City who serves the community surrounding the largest garbage dump in Central America. This organization, started by Hanley Denning in December of 1999, is dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty through education, healthcare, nutrition, and social services for children Pre-K through 9th grade and their families, as well as educational reinforcement for high school students.

The odds are stacked against the families of this community as one out of every three residents have never been to school, most adults have less than a fourth grade education, the average family size of six lives on just $4 a day, and their public schools are only open for 4 hours a day. “Safe Passage is a refuge for children facing difficult situations marked by extreme poverty, neglect, and abuse. Safe Passage is a gateway out of poverty.”

We are proud to support this organization through an annual donation from our Board of Missions. We also sponsor a student every year through donations from the congregation. We have already seen one student through the program who has graduated and have picked up a new student who started Pre-K 2 years ago. In May of 2018 we sent a group of youth leaders to the school in Guatemala to volunteer. They were able to meet the young man we sponsored through the program and help teach English to students. They got to experience firsthand the impact this program has on the lives of the garbage dump community. For more information on Safe Passage and their work visit

A Day in the Life of a Safe Passage Student

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