Two Months Ago Today

Dear Members and Friends,

I’ll never forget two months ago, March 13, when the world turned.

It was that day that the emails kept coming in all day. News of the first reported case of COVID-19 in Maine.  An email from the Chamber of Commerce with a long list of businesses that were closing. Notification that the public schools were having a special meeting to discuss procedures if school would be closing. An email from the Maine Conference of the United Church of Christ strongly advising us not to hold public worship.

It’s the ninth week since that day and each of us can tell our stories of how our world has turned. For many throughout our state and country, it was a weekend when our well-made plans were upended and we entered a time of uncertainty, anxiety, and fear. What we know is that this time of uncertainty will be with us for a while. And we know that we will continue to be together as church with God’s help to care for and pray for each other and the wider communities of which we are part. 

This day is a good day to pause and reflect not only on how it has been for us these past two months, but to imagine ways to support each other and our community through this time ahead.

So, a few opportunities:

Thursdays at 6 PM

Prayers for Our Times

Hosted by Brian Donovan on ZOOM

In these times of caring quarantine, it is easy to feel disconnected from God and each other. So, let us come together as one community of people and offer our prayers. This drop in six-week offering is open to all people as a way for us to support one another with all the love God has taught us through Christ. Although this will be a Zoom offering, you may email your prayers to or call Brian before 5 pm at (207) 350-9561 and he will share them with the on-line community. Join Now!

Sunday, May 17 at 10 AM

Worship: Children's Sunday

Children’s Sunday is a way our community supports and celebrates our children and their families. Thanks to our Deacons who are making home visits to our families to deliver their Bibles, certificates, pins, and some treats after worship. Perhaps you might be inspired to write a note after worship to some of the children – we know that would mean a lot to them!  And stay after worship for a virtual “coffee hour” where we’ll break into small groups for conversation. It’s the traditional Ice Cream Social day, so break out your ice-cream and join the connection! 

ZOOM Coffee Hour Registration

If you would like to join Coffee Hour on Sundays a one-time registration and approval is required. Once you register you are able to join any Coffee Hour in the future. The church promotes this gathering on social media platforms and in the Boothbay Register, to make this a safe and private place to gather virtually, we have decided registration is necessary. We ask that anyone who anticipates they would like to join a coffee hour in the future register now. All registrations will be approved by 5 PM the Saturday before Sunday Coffee Hour, any registrations that come in after 5 PM on Saturday will be approved for the following week. For example, if you register on Wednesday, May 12, your request will be approved for the May 17 Coffee Hour. If you register on May 17, your request will be approved for the May 24 Coffee Hour. You cannot register the day of Coffee Hour and join that day. If you have any questions at all please contact Church Administrator, Heather Lorrain via email Please remember to update your ZOOM application when new updates are released. ZOOM is always working to make their application safer for all of us to use. If you need help updating your ZOOM application, please let Heather know and she would be happy to help. Register Now!

Monday, May 18 at 9 AM

Grief, Anger, Hope: Living with COVID-19 on ZOOM

Monday, May 18 is the final gathering of a three-part series on “Grief, Anger and Hope” – a time to reflect together on the resources of scripture and our experience to navigate through this time. This Monday we are considering “Hope” and I “hope” that if you are looking for some Hope you might join us. Join Now!

Finally, your church leadership is here for you. Continue to let us know ways you feel called to serve these days or are looking for opportunities to do so and ways we can be there with you and for you.

Grace and Peace, Strength and Blessings,

Peter Ilgenfritz, Interim Pastor | (206) 484-9814 |

Ella Long, Head Deacon |

Sandra Leonard, Senior Trustee |

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