New Ministry Opportunity: Church Cluster Ministry

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Dear Members and Friends, It’s good to be in touch regularly these days.  Our prayers are with all of you, your family and friends and our world community.  Ella and I talked this morning about how best to care for and pray for each other as church in these challenging days.  We need to stay connected with each other and want to hear on a regular basis how you are doing and how the church can be there for you.  To support each other as a church community, we are forming groups of ten members and friends of our church to pray for and care for each other through this season and to share needs as they arise. Each group will have a leader who will connect with the members each week to check in.  We’ll be learning together how this check-in best happens as we go along, but it could be in a personal phone call or a conference call with all the members.  We’ll support the leaders by connecting through a conference call each week.  We’ll pray with you, collect updates from your groups, and provide information to share back to your group.  We are in need of 30 group leaders to check in with a group of ten each week.  These will be leaders who know it’s not about getting it right or doing it perfectly, but come with a commitment to connect and care.  Leaders who others can count on and who will be there for our community for the months ahead.  Leaders who know how to ask for help when they need it.  What about you?  Are you called to this ministry?  These are the days when we all are called to our Lenten word, “Listen”.  To listen for the still small voice, to listen for the Wind, the Spirit’s call.  How are you being called today to share your gifts with others?  Remember that story I keep talking about?  The one about the lake and going across to the other side?  (Hint:  See Mark 4:35-5:1) Well, when Jesus and the disciples got into their boat, “other boats were with him.”  Today, that’s not just a “story” – that’s us, all of us, and we are gathering in our boats together and Jesus is with us.  Have you stepped out into this beautiful sky blue day or looked out the window? Have you put down your book and picked up the phone and called someone you perhaps haven’t spoken to in a long time? Have you opened your hands to pray?  Have you taken a deep breath and let it out slowly?  Have you done that a few times and felt yourself settling into a listening, present place? It’s all here.  Jesus in the boat with us.  Perhaps today you read this email from your church and nervous as you might be, know that you are called to “captain” one of these little boats?  Perhaps today is your day to say, Yes.  Call or email Peter today if you are being called as a “captain” in our ministry together: (20) 484-9814 or Grace and Peace, Peter Ilgenfritz, Interim Pastor (206) 484-9814), Ella Long, Head Deacon

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