Dear Members and Friends, It is such an important time for all of us to be walking through Holy Week together. In this year, in all of the dislocation, suffering, and pain, Jesus shows us how to walk into our pain, through our suffering, and find our way to open hands. With open hands we become the body of Christ ready to reach out and be there with and for one another. With open hands we show the way of resurrection. All of the following events can be watched LIVE at the time specified on BRTV, channel 1301 for Spectrum subscribers or streamed using a device at, Facebook, and YouTube.

Tune in weekly on Wednesdays for In These Times at 12 PM and a Weekly Prayer at 12:15 PM. These short, but powerful segments are meant to be uplifting and reflective.

Join us on Maundy Thursday at 7 PM as we remember Jesus’ Last Supper with his friends in a time of great anxiety and fear. Experience again how he took, blessed, broke, and shared bread and a cup reminding his disciples that God’s presence, love, strength, and grace is with us and will never leave us though we too “walk through the valley of the shadow of death.” Bring a piece of bread and a cup of something to drink, and together we will make these elements the bread of life, the cup of blessing, the body and blood of Christ as we bless and share them together.

Join us on Good Friday at 3 PM (broadcast of BRTV 2:55 to 3:10 PM) as we remember Jesus’ death on the cross. We invite you to join all of us for a minute of silence followed by the ringing of bells. We will be ringing the church bell here in Boothbay Harbor and invite you to ring a bell wherever you are. The ringing of bells herald that something is going to happen, but what that is we have to wait to find out. On Sunday morning we celebrate Easter with a Sunrise Service at 6 AM and Easter service at 10 AM.

Join the Sunday School at 9 AM for their Easter celebration by emailing Magen Chryplewicz at, for a link to their private Facebook page. Magen is holding Sunday School remotely each Sunday at 9 AM. Everyone is welcome. Do you have children or grandchildren in your home that would like to participate in Bible story, a fun craft with materials you will find at home, and share joys and concerns with each other? This has been a fun way to stay connected with kids, families, and members of our community!

And after church, ZOOM Coffee Hour! Here’s the link and meeting ID: 119 608 215 to join our Zoom coffee hour. Show off your Easter hat and/or make a sign that says, “Alleluia!” It will be wonderful to see everyone! We’ll have a practice session at 7 PM on Saturday (, Meeting ID: 590 651 029). If you need a crash course on how to connect and use ZOOM, Sue Goodrich has graciously offered to help you! Thank you, Sue! You can reach her by email,

We celebrate Easter this year in the midst of a global pandemic. So much is not “right” with the world this Easter, and yet Easter comes. Easter comes because it is not ours to bring, it does not wait for us to have it all figured out, solved, and resolved. Instead, Easter comes as a surprise, a paradox that here in the midst of the dying, the surprise of this new life as well. No, not a “life” like we had before, but a new, resurrected life. We are all being remade.

Our call is to be a people of the resurrection. A people of empty, open hands. A people here who together become the risen body of Christ serving, supporting, and sharing. The body of Christ together for the healing of the world.

Know your church is here with you and for you along the way. Together we are making our way across this stormy sea. Together with Christ, we are making our way to Easter.

Peter Ilgenfritz, Interim Pastor (206) 484-9814

Ella Long, Head Deacon

Sandy Leonard, Senior Trustee

We lift the following people in our prayers today. Please include them in your prayers and thoughts throughout the week.

Ken & Cindee Chances Jan Priscilla Gillespie Madison Grant John Druce De Amplo Emily Hester Harbe Ellen Memory Joshua Robinson Peter Kunkel Faith Meyer Lida Whittier Rozowski Todd Beeson Kathleen Billis Steve Austin Emerson Kurt Donovan David & Carolyn Priscilla & Tom Tavenner

Mark Hormell

Christine Blake David Cone Matthew Sandra Thibault Roger Severance Christopher James Kathy Barter Mark Abrahams Jameson Brooks Grace Rose Erik Milinowski Greg Laderer Brittany Prince Laura (Briggs) Kraft Samantha Ken Dinnar Michael Murray Judy & Bob Dent Josh Dinnar Ruth Linton & Family Marybeth Dubois Sharon Romaniw Bill & Sue Burge Marna Brown Lola O’Byrne Mark Stephenson Patti Dille & Family Brendhan Zubricki Brenda Amato Jeff Long & Family Judy Bronwen Ramsey-Brimberg Jim & Doreen Dun In our Prayers, we also remember: Those who have died and those who mourn; All those who suffer in body, mind, and spirit; Victims of natural disasters, war, and other violence and abuse; Our military personnel serving around the world and here at home; Our nation’s leaders, and all those in position of authority; Our church and our community; Others whose needs are known only to God.

During this time of uncertainty, we also pray for the world, the homeless, those with food insecurities, healthcare workers, emergency first responders, families with stress at this time, and all who have been impacted by COVID-19.

If you wish a name to be added or removed, please contact the church office at 633-4757 during the week or email

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