Al Amana Centre

This week in the "Your Generosity at Work" series, we highlight the Al Amana Centre in Muscat, Oman, an ecumenical and interfaith organization built upon the legacy of over 130 years of Christians working with their Muslim hosts and neighbors from different faiths represented in Oman. We live in a global age in which one act, whether it is political, economic, religious, or cultural, can have a worldwide impact. Our futures are now interconnected, and it will take the cooperation of all segments of society to live in harmony with one another bringing Christians and Muslims together. Their mission is to provide safe spaces, diverse encounters, and engaging methodologies for people of faith to build sustainable peace.

The Centre has expanded its work in recent years to provide a safe place for leaders of different faiths in conflict-torn countries beyond Oman and the Middle East (Muslim and Christian leaders as well as college students in the Asian sub-continent and in Africa) to meet and seek ways to work together for peaceful reconciliation around the values of mutual understanding and trust. During COVID-19, the Centre carried out much of its mission via ZOOM and other electronic means. The Centre’s “semester abroad” program as well as short-term immersion visits were suspended in 2020. Short-term trips have now been resumed. The “semester abroad” program may resume in 2023.

The Centre is registered in the Sultanate of Oman as a “non-governmental agency” (NGO). The Centre is governed by an international ecumenical and interfaith elected Board of Directors. The Board of Directors has full authority for the vision/mission and program of the Centre. The mission/program budget is supported largely by participant or agency fees and grants. Financial support also comes from US and Canadian churches (Reformed, Presbyterian, Episcopal, UCC and Methodist congregations). Thanks to our generous donors. our congregation contributes annually to the Al Amana Centre. In 2018, a group travelled there to learn more about the program and the executive director visited our congregation in 2019. Members, Rev. Ken and Marcia Bradsell spent two years in the Sultanate of Oman, where Ken served the congregations of the Protestant Church as its lead pastor and served as liaison for all Protestant and Orthodox ministries in Oman with the country’s Ministry of Religious Affairs.

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