A Week in Review

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Dear Members and Friends,

What a week. It feels like a month ago since last Monday morning when our church staff and leaders met to plan some next steps in this new season.  So full of gratitude for all the ministry and leadership that has been shared in this time.  Your church is deeply blessed.   So a few updates in this last email of this week. Connecting We are setting up new ways to be in close communication with each other.  I’ll send out an email Monday to Thursday to keep us connected.  We have a new Facebook page. Check out Facebook and the Website  for video clips from Marty about One Great Hour of Sharing, and from Sandy for our “Weekly Prayer” (what we used to call “the invocation”.)   Clustering Thanks to all who said yes to “captaining” one of our church clusters.  Next week we’ll be setting out onto this new adventure of connecting, caring, and praying together in our small groups.   Worshipping We’ll gather on-line this Sunday at 10 AM for a half hour worship service of music, centering, scripture and message, a prayer, and blessing.  Send your prayers, joys, concerns, thanksgivings you’d like to be shared on our worship broadcast by Sunday at 8 AM to me at or text or call me at (206) 484-9814. Supporting We need each other more than ever and we need to stay connected.  Your support to your church community means that we will be there for others in this time of great need.  Your support of One Great Hour of Sharing special offering this week means that your gifts will support people throughout the world.  You can mail in your check to the church, or OGHS, or give through the church website. Serving Tom Dewey has let us know he is available to serve our community - to run errands, pick up groceries, etc.  Email Tom at or text or call him at (207) 388-2744. Thank you Tom!  Staffing I am in the “church office” Sunday through Thursday 10 AM-5 PM. You can reach me in an emergency anytime by text or a phone call at (20) 484-9814.  Heather is in the “church office” and available 8 AM-4 PM Monday to Friday, she can be reached through email, or by phone at (207) 633-1131. Wondering We have all been remade by the events of this past week.  Take a moment to reflect on how this week has changed you.  What have you learned about yourself?  What do you give thanks for?  What do you grieve?  Where have you felt and heard the Spirit’s call?  Where have you experienced Jesus in the boat with you, with all of us?  What does it mean to believe that Jesus is still there even when you haven’t experienced that peace and stillness, that presence and grace that is Christ?  Thanksgiving I am full of gratitude for all of you - for Ella and Sandy, Heather, Kathleen, Tom, Magen and Genie.  For Marty, Shawn, Vicki, all the Deacons, all who said yes to help “captain” one of our little boats in our church clusters as we continue to be church in new ways. For all I connected with on the phone or by email.  And yes, especially for all for your prayers for our church, community, and world. We are an encouragement to each other.  This week I’ve seen Jesus all around.

Grace and Peace,

Peter  Interim Minister (206) 484-9814

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