The Long Range Planning Committee asked me to come up with a “Week in the Life of the Pastor”, a glimpse into pastoral life. Every week is different (some weeks I go to Maine Med once or twice; other weeks, there is a 4-hour Church & Ministry Committee meeting; some weeks I get an evening or two off, other weeks I don’t). When I finished typing this up, I realized I hadn’t fit much exercise into the week – that is an ongoing problem. And I wasn’t sure how to proceed with a “typical week” because I don’t think there are any typical weeks. In the end, I decided simply to use last week as my model. I can’t remember every little detail but this will give you the gist:

Tuesday: 6:45 Book & Meditation Group in the Youth Room; 8:40 Meeting with Stewardship Chair;  9:30 Meeting with Police about possible elder abuse case; 10:30 Meeting with a Church Member; 11:30 Review of Week with Church Administrator; 12:00 Phone calls & put sermon up on website; 12:30 Quick run home for lunch & to let the dog out; 1:00 Meeting with Director of Children’s Education; 2:00 2-hour counseling session with community member in distress; 4:30 Home to cook eggplant for Officer Dinner; 6:00 Dinner with Deacons and Trustees at Church Members’ home. 9:00 Reply to e-mails.

Wednesday: 8:30 Community Resources Meeting; 10:00 Trip to True North Warehouse to pick up generously donated items; 11:00 Work on Church Bulletin; 12:00 Phone calls, emails; 1:00 Quick Subway Sandwich; 1:15 Visit with Church Members in their home; 2:00 Let the poor dog out! 2:15 Walk at Botanical Gardens; 4:30 Hospital Visit at St. Andrew’s; 5:15 Finish Bulletin; 6:30 Home & Dinner; 9:00 Reply to Emails.

Thursday: 8:00 Breakfast with Salt Bay Survivors Clergy Group in Damariscotta; 10:00 Visit with Church Member; 11:00 Start liturgy preparation; 12:30 Home for lunch and let the dog out; 1:30 Prepare the November newsletter information and study scripture for the sermon; 3:30 Visit with couple in distress in their home; 5:30 Guatemala Mission Trip Meeting; 7:30 Choir; 9:30 Work on Wedding for the coming weekend; 10:30 Reply to emails.

Friday: 6:00 Start working on sermon (in seminary, we are taught that we should put in an hour of preparation time for each minute we preach – in other words, a 20 minute sermon should require 20 hours of preparation – needless to say, it doesn’t happen). 1:00 Lunch with church members; 2:30 additional sermon preparation; 4:30 visit with sick church member; 5:30 Wedding Rehearsal; 7:30 Home.

Saturday: 8:00 Final Wedding Preparations; 10:00 Set up church for Wedding; 11:00 Wedding!; 12:00 Phone calls; 1:00 Sermon Review; 2:00 Lunch; Spend rest of the afternoon working in basement with Russ(it needs a lot of work!); 5:30 Friends over for Dinner & Movie.

Sunday: 6:00 Final preparations for worship; 9:00 Choir; 10:00 Worship; 11:30 Brief meeting with Mission Committee; 11:45 Brief Meeting with History Committee; 12:15 Deliver flowers to family with new baby (he’s adorable); 12:30 Quick Lunch and change; 1:30 Senior High Youth Group trip to Shelter in Portland – return at 5:15; 5:15 Junior High Youth Meeting (they started at 5:00 so I was only a little late); Initial Set Up for Haunted Church. 7:30 Home again/Dinner; 8:00 Return emails.

Monday:  Day off! 7:00 Write church news brief for Boothbay Register and send in (usually the first thing to be done each Monday morning); 7:30 Get the week’s laundry started. 8:30 Leave for Portland; 10:00 Doctor’s appointment in Portland; 11:00 Drop off additional clothing at Youth Shelter in Portland; 11:15–2:00 Errands (including purchase of a new rug for the Youth Room – the old one was ruined in the floods over the summer); 2:00 Visit with my mother in Brunswick; 4:30 Do the Week’s Grocery Shopping; 7:00 Dinner with Russ, 8:00 Pay weekly bills; 10:00 Return emails.

NOTE FROM LONG RANGE PLANNING COMMITTEE: As we learned from this typical week for Sarah, she is busy with church activities, even on her “official” day off. Not included were funerals and meetings with families involved, field trips with all the youth groups, book study groups, vacation Bible school, work with the Sunday school projects, church Holiday activities and extra services, regularly scheduled evening meetings with committees, etc., etc.!!

Most of us had no idea of all that she is involved in – On behalf of the Church, we say THANK YOU, THANK YOU. We are blessed.


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